how to remove a blasted (beadblasted) finish?

without injuring the yoyo, is there a way to turn this:

as shiny as this:


like some chemical or something? i heard the blast is supposed to wear off with time(and use) …
i kinda want to remove it totally, …like…having the yoyo before the blast

any one knows?
this guy in orange is beadblasted btw…


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Not the way you think. The blast is done prior to the anodization, so you’d have to blast/strip the ano, then polish or otherwise prepare the surface of the yoyo the way you want it to be, and then anodize anew.

You’re much better off buying or trading for the finish you want if it exists, or hiring someone to do it for you if it doesn’t.

i see…the layer is on the inside hey?

well, i guess that settles it… thanks

i like bling bling yoyos more, but hey, i can live ok with the mat finish…^^

(just hopped that there was some secret to remove that blast easily…like steam or water haha)

Heh, I wish.

Although, I’ve been grinding a lot lately; I do like the look of shiny yoyos, but I am learning to appreciate a long-grinding finish.

MonkeyfingeR seem to be able to do both in one (at least for the Lesula). Not sure how they pull that off… maybe the super-thin-barely-detectable grooves they put…

Are MFD tumbled or blasted because usually tumbled is a lot shinier :slight_smile:

They’re blasted.

It’s best not to mess with the finish because you risk making the yoyo vibey or possibly unplayable. Just get another yoyo with the finish you want :slight_smile:

You will need to re-anodize no matter what. I do a polish job that requires no use of sandpaper AT ALL! I would easily and safely have it polished and ready to go to ano.

Pm if your interested.

Actually, there is a way to get it shiny. It’s possible to polish the anodized finish itself. I’ll share some pics when I get home.