I want one of my yoyos raw.

Since I’m too young to be handling the materials to do this, any modders can make one raw?

I can.

just remember that raw yoyos are much more difficult to grind with.

Beadblasting removes the anodize and it grinds perfectly fine.

well that’s different from just plain raw, now isn’t it?

He may need it raw so it can be anodized.

I can blast it for you if you decide on that, cheaply.

You can check out my work in the mod and maintenance section under MB’s Official Blast thread.

Even bumped it up for ya, been a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you mean:

“Raw, as in I want the anodizing completely stripped”
This is a chemical process that may also involve some finishing work to make it look nice at the end. It can also be re-anodized.

I bought a yoyo from yoyospirit that had been stripped and then mirror polished. Beautiful!


“Raw, as in just grind the sucker down to bare metal”.
In this example. the anodizing is rubbed off and is not suitable for being re-anodized, as it hasn’t been stripped.

Option 1 is better, but Option 2 is often cheaper, faster, safer and can still provide amazing results, including mirror finish if you want.

Both of them are fairly cheap and easy ;D Chem stripping is just a bit faster and easier for me. And it’s a common misconception that chem stripping is needed for the aluminum to be re-anodized. In both methods, it’s just the anodize layer being removed.

Why do it?

Read the thread.

I for one like raw yoyo’s, to me they play much better than one’s with a beadblast finish/anno.

He may want a custom anno job.

Or he may just want a shiny, mirror polish.

I like the appearance of the raw metal.

I like silver metals. My wedding ring is platinum. My necklace is sterling silver. My school ring was brushed and polished steel(popular option, no big deal).

I like the appearance of the rims on the DM2, the weight rings on the Phenomizm and XCon Pro. My Rolex has steel on the outside, gold on the inside of the band, and that matches my Phenom, or rather my Phenom matches my Rolex.

My Corlo Prototype is I think raw. I got this killer stripped and mirror polished Battosai from YoYoSpirit. My General Yo Essence is raw, as is one of my Peaks. One of my Agape yoyos is raw, another all soda blasted, and a third soda blasted with raw inside rims…

I wish more yoyos came in a raw or at least “uncolored” finish and anodized clear. That’s what I would really go for.

We all got preferences. I guess he likes raw. Metal rules!