Anodization Question

If I wanted to get my new General Yo Prestige “competition” grade yoyo chem stripped and re ano’d would it keep the finish? I guess would it affect the finish at all is a better question?

I’m not professional, but I believe stripping may effect the finish in only the slightest depending on how skilled the person stripping/anodizing it is. I know some of Jason Wong’s works have said something like “lightly stripped to keep the finish,” but I don’t know how difficult such a process may prove to the average anodizing company.

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If you are gonna sand the anodizing off, then you’re gonna remove the surface treatment finish.

If you chemical strip, it’s going to be less damaging to the finish. I’m not sure how much it will affect things. Personally, I don’t want to know.

I would see how much someone would charge to handle the removal of the current anodizing and re-anodizing with your request to preserve the finish as much as they can. Might be easier and safer.

This is soooooooo not recommended. The chance of ruining the bearing post and making the yoyo vibe is really high.


Some good info and some poor info above given.

If your looking to have a throw redone with ano then its going to need to be stripped raw. There are a few ways to achieve this.

A blast of some sort preferably bead.
Chem strip followed by a polish. Contrary to popular belief a chem strip is very effective and very safe when done properly.
Remove finish with sandpaper. Also effective but requires care to maintain the integrity of the throw.

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i would listen to mullicabob’s information, he has experience with it and his yoyo mods look amazing