removing ano?

So i kind of want to strip a yoyo and get it re-anodized… i can just use sand paper and a drill for this right? I dont need people posting long guides on here i know where to find them… And if i want a textured ano do i just not polish it completely and leave a desired texture on the yoyo?

Pretty much what ever texture the yoyo has before the anodizing proccess is what it will have after.

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allright thank you. Do you know if there are any risks of removing ano? like giving the yoyo vibe ect…

Yes, there is always a chance of vibe.

Sanding will remove the anodizing, but it won’t be stripping the anodizing, which will need to be done before you can have it re-anodized.

Isn’t this the 4th thread on this topic in a month?

Something like that. Could have been more. this guy uses chemical pipe cleaner and it seems to come out great every time and this guy does it in english