Removing Ano Help

So I’m removing ano with wet sandpaper and a drill, it’s going we’ll however I can’t seem to position the sand paper in these little areas in the yoyo were it dips in about fingernails length, The yoyo is an OG FG Avalanche

That may not be the best technique. Drills are not precision machines and do not always spin true. You could possibly create a serious vibe issue by taking uneven amounts of material off.

I am aware of that however I’m playing it now with one half completely removed and the other still with the anodized surface and its still the exact same smoothness, I’m not touching the bearing seat nor am I removing enough material to make it unbalanced

Sweet. I hope it works out with the other half, too.

He is asking how to remove ano in the crevasses. Try putting the yoyo in a Ano remover then scrape it out with your fingernail or a toothpick.

I heard oven cleaner works, or any mineral spirits acetone ect.

Ummm, no, solvents like mineral spirits or acetone will not work. Anodizing chemically changes the surface of the metal. And if you use oven cleaner or any other chemical that will remove it, you don’t want to use your fingernail to scrape it. :wink:

Toothpick and oven cleaner ;).

I would go q-tip, toopick might not work/take a while. Also, oven cleaner doesnt give it the cleanest look like sp in my experience. I would just fold the sandpaper, and put the crease in the crack, works fine for me. Plus you can get a much better mirror finish with sp

Forgot about a que tip :).

The only reason why I didn’t say SP is because he said he couldn’t get the SP In the areas.

try wetting your paper, and bending it aroud the tip of something pointy.

I used a drill to do the hubs:

I know, but i have also satined an ava, and if you fold it you can puch it is the crack. BUt oven cleaner works too

He said:

I also have regular sand paper and I can’t seem to get it in there, the sand paper doesnt fold very well, would abrasion pads work like a 500 or 1000 because they have more flex to them? I was also going to try a drano and water mixture 1 tablespoon per gallon or so of water.

It should fold fine. Just fold it so the sand part is out.might rip but you just need the thicker, but slim crease to put in the crack. Also use steel wool after.

You could try steel wool to strip it? Then use it afterward, but are there different grit (or whatever) of steel wool just like sandpaper?

Alrigth, so last night I mirror polished my essence.

Get some 80 or 100 grit sandpaper, and remove it all.(Not in the cup yet) Then get 150 grit and go over it pretty good again. Then with 200 grit, then higher if you have it. If not, go over it with steel wool. Then take some 3M scratch romover(It is in a black bottle and for cars) and put it on a rag and put it all over then remove it, this will make the sanding look smoother. Now do the same, but with mothers polish. Now, if you are brave go to the cupp area. This could be extremely time consuming depending on the shape of the yoyo you are sanding.start with a big piece folded in half, and just push it flat in the inside of the cup. Then depending on if there are any differences in height or rings, you will have small lines where the anno will be nearly impossible to get out. Just fold the paper with a very small piece, and push the crease on the lines and wait, and wait, and wait. Once gone, you will likely have a section under the rim where the anno will be hard to remove. Fold the paper again, and push it in there while the drill is not spinning, then hold it steady and turn the drill on. After this, go over it with the 3m and polish just like on the outside, and it should look reflective!

Sorry, I know this isnt what he is asking.