Custom ano remove blast

I’ve got a couple throws I’m thinking about having custom ano’d. One I like the blast on a lot and the other I wish was blasted differently.

  1. If a yoyo is already blasted and anodized it will have to be stripped and then re ano’d right? How much will this change the feel of the blast? Is it significant? I’d hate to get it back and have it feel significantly smoothed compared to new.

  2. If a yoyo is already blasted and ano’d but I’d like it to be refinished and have the blast modified - would that even be possible? Imagine taking a CLYW or OD regular finish and having it re-blasted to GenYo or MMClassic type.

I think I recall that to re-anodize an object it needs to be stripped as the original ano effects the surface, and that just blasting it doesn’t work well for the 2nd ano job.

Bead blasting will strip original ano and prep for new ano, needs to be cleaned extremely well.

Soda blasting will not remove original ano.

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So if I’ve got a yoyo that I love the blast on is it possible to just have the ano redone without the blast being noticeably different?

not unless you find the original anodizer :smiley:

Who ever did the original blast would need to be contacted.