Can you blast without stripping the anno

I’ve got a couple of throws that have a glossy anno finish. Can this finish be lightly blasted to improve the grinds without actually stripping the finish off?

In short: no. The finish has to be done to raw metal and then anodizing seals it in.

Actually, YES. If you blast lightly enough, some color and splash pattern will remain, along with the engravings. It might wear out faster, since you are exposing some raw aluminum, but having blasted a few ano’ed thing before, I can tell you that it works. If you are light with the pressure and quick with your blast gun, you can leave some of the original finish.

This was bead blasted.

Basically, It strips most of it off, and leaves a super light version of whatever was there before.

I would recommend against it personally. If there is a specific look you are trying to achieve then it’s not a problem. It will be shady at best to try and get a texture on the ano.

It’s possible but the line where it’s still ano and now becomes aluminum will be blurred at best.

Cool, I just didn’t want to end up with a completely blank throw. This actually looks pretty cool.