question about ano...

Can a raw yoyo that has been blasted and or polished be ano’d?

Certainly. It’s a fairly common practice.

Yoyos that are sold with a blasted finish are always anodized. If you didn’t anodize after a beadblast the beadblast would wear off after use.

Works with polished yoyos too, there’s a fair amount of yoyos for sale that are polished then anodized.

One word of caution - if the yoyo has been anodized before and it was removed with sand paper or wire brush instead of chemically, it may need to be treated before it can be anodized again. Anodizing alters the chemical makeup of the surface and re-anodizing may not work if it’s not treated correctly.

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Meh, you should just give that peak to Jake so he can cut it in half :smiley:

The good news is, Jake’s Peak that’s on the cutting board isn’t an OG Peak. He said it’s something he painted some time ago to resemble the original. No history lost :slight_smile:

Well thats good.

And I just didnt know if the blasting took place after the ano or if one thats already been polished could take it as well. I doubt I ever would but its fun to entertain the idea “if I ever did” take my raw peak (and to the best of my knowledge was not stripped) and commission it a custom “paint” job.

Its kind of a conundrum. Do I take a piece of history and defile it in favor for personal vanity enjoyment, or do i leave it in its OG state as is for the sake of keeping collector value? Its irreplaceable and I understand the risks of both transport and glitches in the ano process, but If pulled off, would be of even higher value to me personally. Ive been thinkng about it for a while now. Not sure what to do… ::slight_smile:

I asked Chris last year for his permission to custom paint a Peak, and his only words were, “just not the original color way”. Customs are cool, but that’s really up to you.

I just would want a custom ano job. something like a Zip Zop or something vaugley similar fade/splash over black. If i were to let my mind wander, that is.