How should I get my peak anodized?

(Shaneola) #1

I’ve got a peak coming and it’s got a bad paint job so I figure I’ll send it to someone to get it anodized. So how should I get it done, like what colors and whatnot. I was thinking about having it skittles blasted, but give me your opinions. Or should I just keep it how it is?

(WildCat23) #2

Purple and red?

Purple and blue?

Orange and red?


Strip it bare, beadblast it or angeldust it, polish it up nice and leave it.

(Jei Cheetah) #4

Color wise, choose whatever you want. Maybe try contacting jasonwongzero, I am not sure if he is still doing commissions, but its worth a shot. His stuff is some of the sickest stuff out there.


(Shaneola) #5

Yeah it really is. Unfortunately he’s not taking anything right now and nothing else is affordable, so it looks like I’m gonna be leaving it plain black.


JasonWongZero does amazing work. I recently had a Superstar done by him. If you’re going to get it blasted hit up Josh Hendrickson. Best blasts available in terms of quality, grind times, and creativity. He did a splash blast and left the cups bare. Jason than clear anno’d the cups and ano’d the rest of it as normal.

That brings up a good point…no offense studio…but you don’t want to leave a blasted yoyo unannodized…the blast will wear eventually. Clear anno it if not anything else.

I’d have to ask…why ask us what to do with it? Get creative and pick colors you enjoy.

If it were my Peak though…I’d want to get it done similar to the one Josh blasted a while ago. He polished the “Peak” and blasted the rest of the yoyo. I’d clear anno over that.

Another option is to have Brett Grimes paint it. I’m not a fan of painted yoyo’s…but at least it won’t be raw.


None taken. I am ignorant on the topic of anodizing and I wasn’t aware that clear was an option.


Absolutely. It feels great too.


josh hendrickson does some great blasts i got to try a yoyo he was prototyping it was to light to work really well but somehow it could just grind amazingly


Use spottedbanana over at yyn. she is busy atm but she will do just about anything for $65