polishing ano?

Is it possible to mirror polish an anodized yoyo? If so who here can?

Not possible without removing the anodizing.


well not quite mirror polish but this is still polished anno, atleast according to the guy who did it.

Awaiting kyo’s anti-lye statement…

There are 2 ways to do so, 1 is to anodize over a polished yoyo. The other is a process I would rather not reveal :wink: But if not done correctly, can badly mess up the finish.

Here’s a some pics of a quick attempt at polishing ano.
Problem is ano varies from yoyo to yoyo. Some have much better ano’s on them and will be able to take the process better. Those that are thin like this one in the pic are useless to attempt.

In my opinion I would have an ano job done over a polished finish.