Polished vs Anodized

What would be better in the long run? A polished or an anodized yoyo?

Go with anodized.
I do not know if you meant that you want to get a raw yoyo or anodized yoyo OR get a yoyo custom anodized or polish it but either way I would go with anodize.

Polished yoyos make scruffs and dings less noticable


If you want a custom anno job, go for it, but if it’s just something to play around with, polish.

You can polish your own yoyos at home and can constantly re-do the job. This gives a certain advantage to you, because you won’t have noticable dings and dents, and if you do scuff up a throw that’s been polished, you can just do a touch up sand job.

Anno takes alot of knowledge and time and money, you have to send it to guys to get annoed, most of them do really good work though. Also, annodization is a flawed process, your yoyo can come out with flaws in the anno and whatnot. Just trust me, polish is the way to go.

whats the difference? ???

I have a 20 year old polished yoyo that has bounced down sidewalks, streets stairs etc. Every time it has gotten to roughed up I just polish it again. New bearing new, axle in one case and a polish then it looked and played just like new. If it had been anodized when new it wouldn’t look as good now. However, if your collecting or just like the ano better…go for it.