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Okay, just a quick question.
Can anno + a polish finish cause vibe or any other defect?


No, not really unless it went, like Hindenburg wrong. If the coat is nice and even, it should be spiffy.

As for polishing, are you referring to metal polish or sanding? Polish, long as you know what you’re using, should be no prob. Grinding (satining, etc.) can go wrong though.


thats a good question ill try to look it up


If done correctly your yo-yo will be completely safe.

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The only reason I’m asking is because I’m sending my DTI BASSBoost (Get one! to a guy who doesn’t necesarilly have to much knowledge on yoyos, and I had read on a different yoyo forum about people sending their yoyo to get “gruntbulled” and it coming back with a bad vibe.


Alright, my wife (a Jeweler), says that IF the person doesn’t know what they’re doing, then YES it can go horribly wrong. Polishing either with a polishing wheel or sandpaper no matter what removes some metal. If the person does not evenly polish then it can horrible alter the balance and weight of the yo-yo. She says though that it doesn’t matter if the person has Yo-Yo specific experience as long as they have polishing experience (and GOOD, doesn’t just say he’s polished before).

I tend to refer to her for anything even remotely metal related, as she’s a Master Level Jeweler/Gemologist. And goes completely GEEK over metal properties.

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Don’t send it to “A Guy” that doesn’t know about yoyo’s send it to a modder or Jason (Vendetta) @

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Well, I’m not just sending it to a guy that doesn’t know what he’s doing. I’ve seen his work on paintball guns, and it’s amazing.


Cameron, Vendetta’s name is Justin not Jason.


And he’s not taking work anymore if I remember correctly.

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When did he say that?

His section (oh he has one) on the One Drop forums is still alive and he posted a picture of recent work yesterday. I think he is still up and running. If anything he is just staying away from YoYoNation because of recent situations.


Has he done any precious metals? or just painball guns? If not I dunno if I trust it.

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He is a yoyoer, he does custom anodizing jobs on yoyos. He knows his stuff.

Check out to see his work.


Um my response was to Q about his Guy, not about Vendetta. It might also be important for you to remember that Q has asked about Anno and Polish. Vendetta does not do polishing.

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I know that Vendetta doesn’t take work now guys, which is why I’m askinf.

I’m not sure about precious metals, but he has done great great work


Well then I say go for it. My only concern is his paintball guns may look really great, but the problem is paintball guns do not need to be precisely balanced. Like a jewelry polisher for instance doesn’t need to be precisely balanced, but jewelry is 100 times more delicate. Polishing has a bigger impact on it then yo-yos cause the could loosen stones, wear through the metal, etc. A guy doing a paintball gun does not have to worry about that.

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LOL my bad! My friends who yoyo are twins Justin and Jason I got them mixed up lol.


I know this is an old post but did you send your yoyo to this guy in the end? BTW I just wondering, because Im looking for someone that might be able to do my CLYW Peak. If you know about any other moders that can anodize my peak for me can you please pm their info to me :slight_smile:



just so you know its general forum courtesy to not bring up a post after it being dead for 2 weeks.
BUT jason wong does some anodizing if i’m not mistaken


When a thread is this old it is ok to start a new thread.
Spottedbanana (other forum) and jasonwonzero both do amazing work.