Making the 888 Raw?

There are minor imperfections in my yo-yo. :stuck_out_tongue:
But, i’m too scared to mess it up. D:
What should I do?
Also, I’ll pay someone to do it for me. xD

I could…

PM me.

HOw will you remove the anno? Why not just have someone clean the rims up for you?

maybe he wants it to look raw

Maybe so but I asked him.

By sanding it.
To sand off the Anno, I want the yo-yo to look raw.

Have you thought about beadblasting? It is matt finish but will grind very well.

YEah I think beadblasting is the best idea. One thing though. If you take it to someone that has never blasted a yoyo, they need to mask off the response area. Also Sand blasting is a bad idea. Its too rough and it till start to cut your strings. Also the person doing the blasting needs to know that these are very balanced and that they can’t blast it unevenly. If they do it will gain a vibe. I do know a few people on other forums that are very good at it. If you want their name I can give it to you.