Ways to remove anno?

Title, I want to take some anno off my 888.
I don’t want to satin it. Any other way?

There are only a few worthy ways. Bead blasting which you will have to pay for.

The other would be satining it.

Some people have used oven cleaner but it could eat at the yoyo too causing it to be worthless.

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Alright thanks.
I guess I’ll just satin it.

If by hand- Don’t mess up :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I might just try using the drill.

You could always go walk the dog on some concrete… Or walk the dog on sand paper!

I was just wondering, if you pull start the hubstacked yoyo, and put sand paper on the spinning yoyo, will it get an even satin?

Not really and it would take hours to get just the rim anno free. Drill or better machine is the best way. If you do it by hand you can take off more material than on the other side and cause a vibe. THAT would suck.

Trust me, it wouldn’t work well.

First of all, the sand paper will slow down the yo-yo considerably. Then you would have to restart it after it drops dead. Second, you can’t really get a truly even amount sanded off that way. Throws/Pull starts aren’t always precisely exact. There’s always going to be some inconsistency with throws/pull starts.

If you ask me, a drill or even doing it by hand is more reliable than using the above method.

You could try to pull start a hubstacked yoyo to satin it. It would just take really long time.

Even if the pull starts are inconsistent, the yoyo would always be speening in a circle. Doing it by hand is not more reliable in any way. Drill or lathe still works the best.

Well, I’ve tried doing pull starts and using sand paper. From my experience, it really doesn’t work out very well. I guess it’s just me, but I think it could work for other people. It just might be hard balancing out how much is removed each pull, unless you have some sort of hard piece of wood with sand paper glued on.

Come on guy’s. I don’t know everything that I do because I’m guessing. I’m a machinist among a lot of other things. I know a lot due to experience. I’m not going to tell you it won’t work for fun. I’m trying to save you the wasted time.

Notice I didn’t say I know everything.