how would one go about satining a yoyo

so i want to give some of my yoyos a satin finish but i have no idea how so any help would be appreciated.

1: hook the yoyo up to a drill.
2:spin drill
3:sand paper to the yoyo
4: swagger

thats basically it. there are more in depth ways, but thats the basic idea

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Yup. Or use a lathe. But most likely you’ll have a drill instead. Make sure you sand both sides about the same amount or else it’ll vibe. But I don’t think it’ll cause vibe unless you make a big difference between both sides.

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you will need:
a yoyo
a drill
sandpapers of different grits depending on how shiny you want it

Unscrew the yoyo, and stick the axle into the drill. turn on the drill, and hold sandpaper to it.
I use 80 grit, then 120, then 220, then 400, then finally 600 grit to give it a nice shine
take the half you did it with out, then put the axle into the other half and do the same thing.

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