Is it possible to satin a yoyo without a drill?

I was wondering because I don’t want to go through all the hassle of getting my drill and getting sandpaper because I’m not allowed to use power tools without my dad around (he works the night shift and goes home in the morning and sleeps, and I also can’t use it with him sleeping).

Use a lathe. It’s even harder. Haha

You can satin a yoyo without a drill or lathe, hand satining. But hand satining it mostly turns out bad, vibe, wobble, messed up etc…

It’s cause you don’t have much precision but maybe, just maybe, a professional modder might be able to hand satin a yoyo. Send it to a modder, I highly don’t recommend it, 99.7% of all people who I know that tried to hand satin turned out messed. (This does not include professional modders)

Throw a breakaway
Use sandpaper
Continue for 1 hour

It worked for me :3

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Do this.

Just hold the yoyo and use sandpaper like that. You get an awesome spiral satin. If you need any more help a quick google search will yield fruitful results.

how about the inside of the yoyo, you know, for thumb grinds?

Hand sanding is not recommended at all. Chances are you’ll take off more metal in one spot than another spot. It will likely cause vibe if done carelessly as well. I’d say the best bet would be to send it to a modder. There’s modders out there that will do it for $10-$20

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yes there is.

I satined my Black Knight by hand. Still plays perfectly well, and grinds slightly better. I did not do the inside of the rim, though.

Then you are doing it entirely wrong. There’s no way you should be removing enough material to cause the yoyo to become unbalanced. You should just be scuffing the surface regardless of the method you use.

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I take back what I said. I satined my yoyo for 1 more time and it worked fine no vibe or negative things. Miracle to me.

Yeah this was satined by hand and polished with a drill buffer thing.,30731.0.html