Satin without drill?

So, I’m not a modder, have no experience either. (Sorry, I guess :-[ :slight_smile: So my only question is, can I satin a yoyo without a drill and just use sandpaper without a drill with just turning it? Thanks for any help.

I don’t really understand your question. You ask about satining w/o a drill, but then talk about using a drill. ???

If you have a drill, that is your best bet. Run a bolt/nut thru the axle hole, chuck it up and have at it. I’d suggest like 300-400 wet dry paper used wet. Slow speed if it’s a variable speed drill. Just hold the sand paper in your hand.

You can do it by hand, but it is not reccomended.

Oops, sorry, I meant can I satin it without a drill.

I think the answer is here.

Yes you can. Just do it lightly

spiral satin is the only one you probably can do… and that takes practice too. But i encourage you to go and try on a an old beat down yoyo first.