How do you satin a yoyo?

How do you satin and mirror polish a metal yoyo? What do you need and the whole process if you could explain it or give a video link to me on how to do it, it would be really really helpful.

And after you satin it will the surface still be grindable and will this take out some minor dings and scuffs? Thanks! =)))

The basic process is to get a drill and sand paper of the appropriate grit.

Satin - use 200 - 300 grit
polish - use 200, 400, 600 (and maybe 1000) grit in successive steps. Use wet/dry paper wet.

Finish a polish job with a suitable metal or car polish.

You should also get a suitable screw the same size as the axle. Cut the head off. Screw it into one of the shells. Chuck that in the drill. Turn on the drill and have at it with the sand paper.

Google “how to satin a yoyo” for more detail if needed.

Thanks, I’ll try that tomorrow. =)))

When in doubt…

Why must we always attempt to spoon feed the answer? :wink:

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Because using a funnel, a plunger, duct tape and a sturdy chair may possibly break some ethical codes.

I was referring to the let me google it for you approach.

Well, some of the players here are still rather new to this forum, so maybe they might need some time to get used to finding information on their own. :slight_smile:

Which is why I posted this: Google “how to satin a yoyo” for more detail if needed.

It gives him a hint of what to look for, while helping him help himself.

I don’t see why it’s so difficult for people to use a search engine to find information that they need. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t come and ask questions, but when they’ve been instructed to try using a search engine, they can copy/paste or type in a few words. If they are willing to take the effort to post an inquiry to a web forum, I’m sure a search engine isn’t any big deal.