Sating Questions.

  1. Is there a tutorial on how to satin a yoyo any where.
  2. Is there a certain type of sandpaper you need. and will some sandpapers scratch the actual metal
    of the yoyo.
  3. If you know how to could you describe how to do it.
  1. Maybe, but you just take the sandpaper to each half of the yoyo while the yoyo is on a drill or lathe.
  2. You want very fine grit sandpaper, not sure on the numbers though. They all will actually scratch the metal after you take the outside coating off.
  3. Number 1.
  1.  Use a emery paper with around the 400 to 600 grit rating that should give you a good satin finish. The higher the grit the smoother the finish will be.