satin finish

can someone please post a vid on how to satin finish? my dv888 is dinged alot and parents won’t let me do it if i can do it. thanks!

I’m not going to post a video, (don’t have enough time right now :D) but I hope you realize, satin finishing the yoyo will make the anodizing come off wherever you do it. This means, it won’t be blue anymore where you dand it (or whatever color your Dv888 is)

i know that silly!

Why do you need a video?
You just get some fine sandpaper and rub it on the yoyo. For the Dv888, the rims are where you ussually do it.

yeah but it can get uneven.

As long as you do the same amount on each side, the chance of un-evenness (is that a word? :P) is very slim.

First of all are you sure that you don’t want the color anymore.

What you Need:
-Sand Paper of various grits (120, 200’s, 300’s, 400’s, and up to 1000’s if you need to, though i dont go that high, i stick with 400’s)
-A yoyo
-A means to spin the yoyo

How to do this???

Well, first off, you need to get the yoyo onto a lathe, dremel tool, drill, drill press, ect. With most yoyos, you can just stick the axle into the drill/dremel and tighten it down. (if you want, you can put a few pieces of paper around the axle to protect it from damage).

After its attacted and can spin smoothly, you need to cover your face. I know, half the time i dont, but I end up getting Celcon dust or metal powder in my nose and on my hands and face. Atleast tie a bandana around your mouth, to play it safe. After you get all safety-fied, you need to pick your sandpaper. You will want to start with a low grit paper, around 100’s or 200’s. Lightly sand the yoyo evenly around until the surface looks uniform, while spinning the yoyo pretty fast.
Next, wipe the dust off the yoyo and switch to a higher grit paper, around 300’s and 400’s. Again, sand lightly with the sandpaper until the yoyo has an even look to it. At this point, people make their own decision on what to do. Some people go to higher grits, like 800’s, and some people say they like to use fine steel wool, or scotchbrite pads. I have used grits up to 800’s, and have nice results. With Polycarbonate (Duncans) i usually just keep it at a level of 400 grit paper, but with Celcon (plasic YoyoJams), i usually go up to 800’s. Once you do a few, you will gain preference to how you like to sand your yoyos.

After your done sanding, use a lightly damp rag and wipe of your yoyo (cause just blowing the dust off wont get all of it). Pay close attention to the bearing seat or area around the bearing, cause we dont want shavings or dust to get in your bearing, now do we? Once you get it nice and clean, you can reassemble your newly satin finished yoyo and start Grinding!
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I have done it on my DM because it was cuting my hand.
(I played on the road with it. Mostly walk the dog.) :slight_smile:
But only the metal part.So the color is still the same.

Just asking which color is it? :slight_smile:

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Thanks Kim. I hate it when people take credit for something they copied and pasted.

Plagiarism :O!

i think its awesome i dont think i want to do it i just dont want to so yeah :-\

I think he did give credit, said this at the end of all he copied:

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