Dv888 satining

okay so i want to satin the rims of my purple dv888 due to dings and such. so i was wondering what grit sand paper to use,and should i do it by hand becuase i dont have a lathe were im going tommarow. any tips and suggestions would be appreicated

This is how I do it:

Mask off everything you dont want to touch with masking tape, and then a layer of duct tape. The layer of duct tape is just to give another strong layer from the sandpaper. I start to sand it with 350 grit, then work my way up to 400, 600, then 1000. Make sure to sand evenly to avoid vibe! When I am done I polish the yoyo on my polishing wheel to acheive the shine I want. I put a compound onto the wheel to make it slightly abrasive (prolly 2000-3000+ grit). This is what the end product should look like:

Hope this helps!

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That’s very nice! I envy your shiny yoyo.