How do I make my yoyo look like this..


I have a dv888 and I want it to look like this,12226.0.html What type of sandpaper do I use


This should be in the modding section, it is called a rim-satin.


Yes I know it should be in the modding section, more people read the general so I thought I would post it here for a quicker answer. Thank you


I see you quoted me haha thank you


What ever happened to having to mess up a lot of stuff before you learned anything??? The internet is ruining children!!!

Just start off w/ something like 400 grit then work your way up to over 1000- 1500 (if you want it really smooth and shiny)

(Shisaki) #6

It took me FOREVER when I used 400 grit…use 100 to get the anno of then work your way up by using maybe 200,400,600, and more if you want.


My bro has some 12,000 grit sandpaper. It is what they use to polish aircraft windsheilds.


wosh :o thats a lot of grits :o

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thats grit up the waazoo
;D ;D ;D

but on a seroius note I started out with 400 grit emery to get all the anno off then used 1200 grit wet and dry then used some alloy polish to finish it all off to really bring out the shinniness