Sanded the rims on my DV888 and have some questions...

I modded my DV888 recently like this:

Used 600grit to remove scratches and anodizing, then 1000 grit to finish it.
Then TRIED to use 1500 grit (to get a more glass effect finish) but noticed that the metal started to become black, so I went back to 1000 and removed that blackpart.
I did a little bit of sanding in the catchzone as well only with 1000 to make it more shiny.
I finally used a wet towel a little bit, I thought it would help a little.

Should I had used water with the 2000 grit ? I noticed the yoyo became warmer on the 1500 grit but didn’t want to catalyze oxydization so didn’t use water.

I can’t really tell what you’re trying to do. Do you want just a satin finish, or a full polish? If you want a full polish, go with 2000 grit wet sand, then wipe with a dry cloth and buff with 0000 grade steel wool. Finish the job by buffing with a type of aluminum polish, such as Mothers or Neverdull.