yyf 888x hitman mod?

i have a few minor dings in my 888x, but not noticeable and they don’t bother me. I’ve been thinking of doing a hitman mod to it, to get rid of the dings, but mostly cause it looks cool. I’ve never done this before, so i just wanna make sure i do it right. I’m thinking i take my drill, put it in a vice grip, put half the yoyo with the axle on the drill, leave it spinning, and use 220 grit sandpaper on the rims. i will probably use metal polish afterwards, and it will be awesome. is this all i have to do? it seems simple enough. i don’t really need it mirror polished or super dull, but something in between. did any of u try this? is it a good idea? will i just screw up my yoyo? what are your thoughts?

Cmon guys i need input

I suppose you are talking about a satin job. You could do it the way you describe but I would recommend adding a higher grit sandpaper into the job. I would use a 200, 400, 600, then a 1000 grit or something like that. The grits would not have to be exact ::slight_smile: It isn’t necessary to fix the rims like this just because you dinged them, but if you are doing it for fun then go right ahead.  8)

Here is a good video that might help you:



Yeah. I still want it grindable, so i got some 400 grit. Im plannine on doing 150 first, then 220, than 400. Do u think this will be good? Or will i need to go higher?

0000 steel wool later does wonders.

K thanks ill see if i can get some. Im not sure what the finish wipl look like after 400 grit. Im definetly gonna polish it after just to see if it can still grind.

i did it!!! look at the pretty pictures…

Nice!!! ;D

he said he wanted it to grind though. 0000 steel wool can almost polish a yoyo . 400 would be high enough.