"Hitman Mod" Guide By Evan.


I am making a guide!

This is also like a Raw-ing guide.

The Cheese

The point of this mod is to Satin or Sand the rims a metal Yo-Yo to make it look like a Metal rimmed YoYoJam or such. The mod is usually done with a YoYoFactory yo-yo such as the 888 or Skyline. Some people do it to get rid of nasty rims, looks, and I like it for it’s grinding.

NOTE: This mod may cause a vibe or wobble: Use at your own risk!

The Materials


A drill (Or any spinning device)
Multiple Grits of SandPaper (I couldn’t find very many) Range from 40-400
A Yo-Yo
OPTIONAL: a Glass of water

The Hook-Up!

First, use the pilers and remove the bearing. Use the Wiggle technique as recommended. In this I am using a Dark Magic for my lack of metals.


Saftey First!


Make sure to have safety goggles!

Get a small clip of paper and wrap it around the axle if you don’t want to strip it.


Not needed but just for fun.

Slip it into the drill and tighten it all the way.Make sure it is tight and doesn’t go flying when spinning at high speeds.




I find the Hubstack method easier because it always unscrews my axle. This may mess up the stack if you screw it on too tight.

Ok. Start up your drill and make sure the yo-yo is not spinning at and angle and wobbles, this will mess up the neatness of the sanding. Start with your roughest grit and just keep it in one steady place. Do not go past the Injection line… thing. it will make it look like it had Metal Rims. You can also do it on the sides to make it a little bit more like a Metal Rimmed. When you do it for a few minutes you should start to get a horrible smell. Stop the drill for a minute and relax. The metal gets very hot so I like to dip it in a glass of water between each session. Make sure to dry it perfectly before sanding again. Be careful not to go over the injection thing/bump/rim. When you have it all done slowly get finer and finer grits, this should remove the sanding lines.

Dip it in the glass or just let it cool for a while. If you did it because of dings on the rims (Like me) then get some sand paper and sand out the dings that were too deep with the drill.

Put your yo-yo back together and your ready to go!

The “Raw”-ness of this should improve grinding and looks cool to spectators watching your insane moves.






Thanks for reading!

Please fix my sucky grammar and spelling!

Good guide! Always wondered what a Hitman Mod was.

Once again Evan, you are officially the awesome.

Looks awesome! Great guide!

Cool guide.

Ahhhhh. Now I see why Evan’s signature says that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just got a crazy thought: could you do someting similar on the high wall of a grind machine? Do you think it would look cool and play well, or just ruin a yoyo?

Yea, you probably could.

I don’t think it would ruin it, if you did it too deep it might mess up the response.

You mean Plastic Grind Machine? It wouldn’t be “Hitman” then… It would just have a bigger gap.