How do you silver rim a yoyo?

A DV888

You put a half of the yoyo (with a axle) on a drill, spin it, and rub sand paper on the rims. First 100-150 grit to get the anodization off. Then 200, 400, 600, and up (if you want) to make it smoother and smoother

i belive what your talking about is satining. But instead of satining the whole yoyo you just satin the rims.

You play it, lol.
This is about a month of being my main player(ignore the excess silicone, :P)

If you don’t know how I reccomend sending it to a modder. I do rim polishes almost exclusively.

LOL!!! don’t you wish it was that easy?

I did mine with a DA sander took like 30 minutes and I finished it with 3000 grit made it have a mirror polish.

My friend made his G5 look like that by doing run the dog and walk the dog constantly on his G5 on concrete. And he also sanded it down, so now it looks really nice. But is hecka beat up.

Most of that is 5A, string snapping, and random people playing damage. I’ve walked the dog a few times, but mostly just crap that happens on an every day basis. All my yoyos that I like enough to carry every day look like this. I hate satin rims, haha.

You should try sanding the rims to make it more smooth. Also I would remove the silicone and try to do a better silicone job, no fence. It takes some practice siliconing stuff. :slight_smile:

Lol… I’ve been beating the crap out of and siliconing my yoyos for, coming up on six years now. All the burrs have been filed down to nothing and that silicone was obviously just applied, it’s for sale so I took some quick pictures. My silicone jobs last a good six months to a year, thanks.

Also, nail files work better than just sanding them.

i can see why…

You guys are aware that if you let that excess sit for two hours or so it will just peel off, right? Not sure why everyone is so concerned with the way I silicone my yoyos. Nobody would be saying anything if they played it, haha.

This is what I do every time. Works like a charm. Comes off like silly putty out of the egg thing it comes with.

Because people think you just leave the excess sili there.

do you suppose you could use silicone to make sili silly putty?