Dv888 Mod

So i got a new drill and wanted to do something with it. I found my old dv888 which was pretty beat up, full of scratches and dings. So i decided to satin the rims of the dv888. As for a noob at modding i think i did a good job. Take a look and see. Please do comment about what u think. Also after i satin the rims, u can see lines from the sandpaper on the rim. How can i get that off??

Looks pretty good. :slight_smile:
If you want to still be able to grind, you should use progressively higher grits until you reach 400…I’ve personally found that that is the best grit to be able to grind decently and for the yoyo to still look decent.
If you don’t care about grinds at all and just want the yoyo to looks good, try using progressively higher grits until you reach around 1000, then use metal polish to give the yoyo a mirror finish.

Like Newbies United says, but I’d use wet/dry paper with water. Makes for a better finish.

nice job, personally for some reason i really dont like the way the dv888 looks with sanded rims for some reason, i have a dv888 and the only color i like which is gray hehe. Anways, u did a good job man. Now im a carpenter, and i work with lots of fine wood, just as a pointer, i can help u get a mirror finish shine, just use different grits, try this start with like 120 just to get everything smoothed, then just go up in gritt 120 - 220- 300- 400 and the higher you go with sand paper the more shine and smooth i think they have it all the way up till like 2000 gritt. Just remember u need to go in units of higher numbers, 500 or 600 should be fine, one u get up in the higher gritts, try and even wet the sand paper. If u want a mirror finish put some aluminium or chrome polish, posh the raw metal until the white polish turns kind of gray or dirty looking. Let it sit for about 10 mins, and start that drill up and get a micro fiber cloth to take the polish off. Also when u are putting polish on, go with the grain of the yoyo, Ex: clock wish motion, just a tip, Hope this helps, keep up the good work!

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