My Dv888 has a lot of dings

What shoulld i do to my Dv888 to get the scratches off?

satin it

what do you mean satin it? please explain.

Keep it like that.

Or you can pay and it to the modders and let them satin it. Because you don’t have a drill right?

ye i recomend to get a drill and sand paper and sand it down carefully :).

make it look like this

done by sanding and polishing.

that yoyo looks nice just needs a little clean and shine ;).

You don’t get the scratches off… you keep playing.


yeah that pic was from when I first sanded the rims now its all smooth and shinny ;D ;D

Yeah, satin it, or don’t get the scratches off. I don’t really care about scratches that much, unless they drained the playability some how. :wink:

IMO dings give a yoyo character ;D
THe only real way to restore it like new would to either buy a new one :frowning:
or satin it and get it re-anodized.
Phew, big word ;D