DING! How can you fix this?

So, I just dinged my Avalanche while doing a Eli Hops. It just barely scratched the paint. Took off the top coating. Is there any way I can fix this? :’(
Also, I feel terrible for scratching such a majestic yoyo. :’(

You can sand it (not reccomended ) or id repaint it or recoat it if you know ho. But really it is fine and you should probably leave it with a litle scratch. Its made to play good not look good.

It’s a battle scar. dont worry about it, this happens, all it says is that you are progressing because you are obviously trying something different or pushing yourself. i was super upset the first time i dinged my 54… now it has around 3… but it still plays smooth

so, dont drive yourself nuts worrying about it.

I have 3 scratches and 2 big dents and 2 cracks on my YYJ Legacy. The dents are like big dents so that when you look the yoyo from the top, it isn’t a full circle. My cracks are fairly small but really, all these damages together drive me to nothing. Not nuts, nothing. So you are actually lucky to just get a paint scratch onn any yoyo.

if you can find a sharpie of the right color, you can mark over it, but it will still remain. if there is a ding, it’s there until you sand it or get it blasted.

I keep throwing my yoyo down and it hits the ground so when i grind it scratches up my arm!!!

P.S. It hurts!!! :’(

Maybe you need to shorten your string, or stand on a stool.

I lolled

I really don’t understand why some kids refuse to shorten their string… it helps a lot to have the proper lengthed string.

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I leave the dings how they are unless they are sharp, then I just barely sand the ding only with 400 to 1000 grit sand paper

Don’t sand your dings unless they cut you.

why not get a new one, a legacy is only 20 bucks

Actually, I am only allowed to spend $45 for a few years on yoyo’s. I;d rather get a Raptor.

my DV888 dented on the edge
but only a little
is that dent gonna be a trouble for the yoyo?
a little dent only 0.1 millimeter
i’m afraid that gonna disturb the balance
how i supossed to do to test the balance??
thank you
i’m sorry if i’m asking a silly question
but DV888 was my 2nd yoyo
i’m still newbie
i’m yoyoing just 1 and half month ago

I don’t think you have anything to worry about. This one still has good balance. Still plays good with no ill effects other than it’s sharp.

wow what was that yoyo
it’s look really damage
like a soldier return from the battlefield @_@
ok i’ll try to not worry
although i’m a little upset for my scratch yoyo :smiley:

wow, ichtus, wow…
now people would understand.

well if you want to have rim repair, : http://lmgtfy.com/?q=How+to+Rim+Satin+a+yoyo

WIN. HEY EVERYONE! i lost the game

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