Trinity Scratch

i scratch my yoyo trinity on the ground :frowning:
is there a way i can repaint it or something like that to make it a brand new

Not really. I’d just accept it for what it is. Scratches and dings happen.

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Dings and Scratches happen. It’s part of yoyoing.

does it affect play? heres a pic of it

Definetly not. Man, you should look at my Raptor. It’s at the least 10-15 times more beat than yours.

And yet it has no difference except for exterior looks. But that’s not what’s important.

In your case, I think you are extremley lucky to gut such a small scratch. To me, you are extremley lucky, I repeat, extremley lucky to get such scratch only.

But sooner or later, you’ll get a 100 more scratches on it and you wont care. C’mon, almost any type of scratch wont affect play.

you sure? HAHA . guess im lucky ;D

Yep one scratch is not going to affect play.

Adds personality

Adds Character :B

Nope, It wont affect play.

First time? No worries after this you won’t care… :slight_smile:

see my dv888, that looks like its been to war.

plus, it cant get repainted, really, as it was never painted in the 1st place. it can get reanodized but that costs upwards of 60 bucks

can i stick to this yoyo till the end ??


necro. it. doesnt. matter. dings. happen. big. deal. dogwithglasses.gif

DUDE, this is just a ding. Does nothing to the yoyo except for external appearance. Please, do not continue this thread about it because your question has been answered over 5 times.

Can you stick with this yoyo to the end? OF course. 1 ding is equal to a speck of dust in the top right corner of your bathtub in a basement. Does that really make you think it’s a big deal?

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probably not the best for it but i used the same color nail polish and covered the scratches on my 888x
it worked good but it didn’t look wonderful :wink:

he makes a valid point. Good idea Flabbyjack75.

No need to scream necro on this one.

my dv888 got scratched and stuff on concrete and now when i grind it scratchs me

agreed on this one :wink:

according to the rules of Elephark, it aint no necro :smiley:

think of a ding like your own personal splash or acid wash