Bad Scratch on Dv888!

::slight_smile: Lost my camera so ill post a pick later…

Is there any way to repair it or make it less noticable?

You could file it down a little if it’s sticking up…

But if it’s not, then there is nothing you can really do for it. Take pride that the yoyo has been played with. It’s now unique.

Its not sticking up, just a bald spot…

Then no, there is no way to recover it. Unless you want to completely strip it, or send it to an annodizer… But you’re better off saving your money.

Ok then, thx for the posts.

Ps. check out my new pick. (pic says: “Fudge, another scratch…”) <-- OLD

You can satin it if you really can’t tolerate it anymore, but your rims would be Silver :B

Staining sounds complicated, I think ill stick with the scratches. It adds character. :wink:

:’( (I didnt even get an lol for my pic) :’( <-- OLD


i strip and paint yoyos and i dont charge much i use car grade paint this is a dv888 i modded it will only cost you 25 dollars

thises are all my moddees

It’s just a ding. My Raptor has around 30-40 dings, pricks and dents, no sarcasm. You should feel lucky you only have 1 ding, you should feel lucky if you have under 10 dings actually.

If it doesn’t affect play, why care? My Legacy has 2 dents the size of your whole pinky fingernail. And there are also 2 cracks as long as your whole pinky fingernail. Adds only 1% vibe. No prob, plays extremely well.

satining: take sand paper. sand yoyo. quite complicated :confused:

anyways. lemme find my dv888 video…

THATS beat

<---- Thats my genesis. Its beat.

hmm speaking of beat… I think my g5 might fall in that category. not as bad as what I’ve seen from some people, but it has quite a few dings, scratches, and scuffs.

I can only imagine what you did to it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s hard to prevent dings.

Oh yeah, and if you want to, you could hand satin. I tried it again and it finally worked. Now my Raptor is purple but outlined with shiny silver. Perfect match. Love more than before.

All I did was throw a sleeper and let it grind on the sandpaper. Works like Holy Charm.

Or you could put the yoyo half with the axel in a drill, and touch the sandpaper to the yoyo… satin finish. :smiley: