How To Cover Up Scratches On DV888

Hi guys,

I’m new to the world of yoyos. I stumbled across a yoyo shop in Singapore last year called Spin Workx and had a throw of the DV888 and really enjoyed it!
Anyway I have managed to find a grey DV888 which I’ve been after for a while but it has a few scratches on it.
Can anyone recommend a way of touching up the paint or blending the scratches into the grey paint so that they are not as obvious?
Hope you can help.

Thank you.

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Really nothing you can do. If you hit it with sandpaper or a file you’ll likely just take off some of the ano.
Scratches and dings give your yoyo character, I wouldn’t stress over it.

Oh hey man! Thanks for replying, that’s a shame I can’t do much about. But oh well.

Here’s my work throw - ain’t she pretty? Lol

And that’s just the good side lo


She’s seen a few things huh. :slight_smile:

Yeah 5A May was not kind lol

Btw welcome to the forums. Scratches are battle scars…

Thanks man! Yeah that seems to be the consensus haha.

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If you do want to maximize looks, get a silver anodized yo-yo, because that’ll “blend” best with any scrapes or knocks.

The answer to all life’s problems is… more yo-yos!


Garbage cans hide DV888’s pretty well.


If you can find a magic marker close to the color, that will hide them a bit. The closer the match the better the hide.

But it’s really not necessary to do anything at all.


Dings happen, life happens. Besides you can’t see a single ding when it spins :smiley: