How Can i repaint a Orange DV888 Yoyo?

I was doing Eli hops and i misses and hit it on hard ground and now it looks ugly I tried orange sharpie…didn’t work i just wanna know how!

You wouldn’t be repainting the Dv888 since it has never been painted before. I suggest just leaving it the way it is. There is nothing wrong with having a scratched up yo-yo.

…Ok it just looks horible.

Hey, it’s inevitable sooner or later. I’d suggest trying to sand down the damaged areas if there’s any jagged edges from the damage. Or maybe if the aesthetics are that important to you, you can consider sending it off to someone to satin the rims. Orange Dv888 with silver satined rims sounds pretty sweet to me.

I can do a rim polish for you if you want. I’m having trouble posting pics on this computer so I sent you a PM :slight_smile:

paint it with orange paint, lol.