Satined Dv888

I will be doing the rims later too :slight_smile: i did this on a electric drill. Then I used six coats of all purpose polish on each half. Works like a charm!

the pics make the rims look even worse xD
By born2curl at 2010-07-11
By born2curl at 2010-07-11
By born2curl at 2010-07-11

Looks like a mirror in person… pictures make everything look worse IMO haha.

Please comment.

That is one beat up DV888, the side of the rims look good though.

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Nice satined Dv888. I think you did a good job, and looks very clean and good looking. Can’t wait to see what the rims are going to look like! :wink:

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all the marks were from Q; You can thank him :wink:

I definatley understand why you are satining it, ecause that is VERY dinged up lol. But nice job, looking forward to see the whole thing.

I told you what you were getting into. I can’t be blamed, although I may steal that back when you get done. :wink: (We both know how that goes)

I’m hard on my throws, what can I say? Gives them personality. A human isn’t human without scars.

Still plays awesome though.

seeing all those dings makes me cringe :-X, my Dv888 has its fair share of them but dang!!!

Let’s stop bagging on my handiwork. :stuck_out_tongue:

its your yoyo you can do whatever you want to it lol

Dv888s are amazing… I’m not sure how this has no vibe even after I satined it X.x

i got plenty of them and im only 13

I dinged mine, like not even that bad and it has a lot of vibe now :(, but it still plays amazingly

I ding a yoyo in a special way to prevent vibe.


its cool, i want to see the finished version xD

LOL. You’re just lucky that is doesn’t have vibe. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking of doing the same to a dv888, but i was wondering, if you satine one rim only just a little bit more than the other, wouldn’t the yoyo be out of balance???

Yes, the yoyo would be off balance.

Damn, i’ll guess i’ll postpone my satining adventure till mine is really really damaged, it ain’t too bad at this time :slight_smile: and still plays like a charm :d

Anno doesn’t weigh that much… and if you took of a little to much it would be alright. the only way it would be off balance is if you tooK off like half of the rim.