rim polished DV888

After seeing so many people doing this with beautiful results, I figured I would give it a try on my dinged up DV888. It looks soooooo purrrrdy!!

and some pics of it in progress:

tell me what you think!!

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It’s rim satinning, not polishing.Many yoyoers would call that a rim satin.

Looks good man!

Looks good. I have to try that to my beat up Dv888.

it’s so worth doing, it looks great! I started with a 320 grit, then 400, then 1000. Then I polished it on a wheel for a good 20 minutes. It takes a while to take the anno off but the end product just looks awesome.

Not necessarily, both involve using sandpaper and/or other abrasives. The only difference between satinning and polishing is what the highest grit you go up to and how polished it looks in the end. If you fully polish a piece of metal you should be able to see yourself in it perfectly, just like a mirror. A satin, on the other hand, will have much more noticeable lines in it. Just like satin cloth, a satin job leaves a shiny look that is still slightly dull.

It looks good, patrickcondon.

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yeah I did mine a while ago it looks great doesnt it, nice job nice and shiny ;D

Looks like a DV8 haha.

Yeah, I love seeing rim satined DV888s because they take on the look or DV8s…

It is very shiny, so I wont call it a rim satin. Im really glad this was a success

May I send you mah DV888?

If you really want to, I could do it. The lol makes me think your kidding though :slight_smile:

I might actually. Let’s take it to the PMs though