Sating Questions.

Okay I want to know what sand papers you would use to satin rims. And if there are any tutorials on how to do it. Or if you could describe it to me that Would be great. And one more question, do you need a tool that holds the yoyo in place, or spins it. Or can yo do it with out it.


I usually just use 900 grit or below.
To sand it, I just hold the yoyo down on a flat surface and sand the everything but the rims while rotating the yoyo in small circles on the table.
For the rims I hold the yoyo in one hand and sand the rims with the other while rotating the yoyo in circles. Works pretty well. Sorry I couldn’t find a tut vid.


Well, i used a nail file to satin my legacy. I satined everything exept where the string rubs to avoid breakage. Its great, gives my throw an awesome feel.

This should prob be in the modification section but close anyways.

When In satin I use a fairly rough grit emery paper to start if there is anno to remove. For example when I did my DV888 i started with 240 frit and worked up to 1200 for more of a polished finish, but for a good satined finish I would use 600 to 800 grit emery.

Does it scratch the metal though?
and is this video satining or polishing

Polishing and rim repare.

Yes, sandpaper will scratch the metal. That’s the whole idea. Higher grit sandpaper will leave a shinier and finer finish.

In the video the 888 is satined and then polished. The Modfather starts off with sandpaper satining the yo-yo. He then proceeds to polish it with a polishing compound and a rag.

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Today on the beach, I found that throwing a sleeper then lowering it into the sand will produce a sanding effect. ;D