Sandpaper Grit?

Hey guys, I was wondering what grit sandpaper to use for satining? I have done one satin job on my Genesis but it wasn’t shiny at all and it looks kind of ugly… I used 200 and 300 I think, not positive. Is it just because of the grit? Because I didn’t use polish. It was very dull and not like any others I have seen. Also, is steel wool better? Do I use both? One of the two?

Frankly I’ve never seen a satined yoyo shiney. The whole purpose is to remove the shine.

Like this:

I’m sorry, but that is a shined/polished rim, not satined.
If that’s what you want then you need to work your way up from say 200/300 to 600 and maybe even 1000 grit in successive steps. Use wet/dry paper wet. Finish it off with a metal polish.