satined auldey virus (now with semi-update)

Done by hand due to no yoyo-spinning-device. Also done with low grade sandpaper. I’m waiting untill friday (PAYDAY!!) to pick up some real fine stuff :slight_smile: Mainly I’m looking for some input on how it’s coming along and any satining by hand tips anyone may have for me. :smiley:

I totally dig it, to get a really smooth glossed up look go gradually up by grits till at least 2200 and then finish it off with a polish, great job, makes me wish I had done it before I traded it to you :stuck_out_tongue: Did it give any vibe to the yoyo? That thing was smooth, is it still? Keep it up man, I totally love it, it looks like all the little dings are completely gone. (Note: If you have a tungsten carbide wedding band take it OFF before playing with your yoyos :P)

Thats real nice. Just finish it up with some steel wool and polish. Some finer grit sand paper like d4rqk0n3 said will be nice too.

I’ll have to look around some more for 2200 the highest I found while I was out today was 1000 but my search was brief and not very in-depth. Would steel wool be a good substitute for 1000+ grit? Any suggestions for a polish?
Still very smooth and vibe free :slight_smile: And I’m proud to announce all those little dings are gone :smiley:

I wouldn’t say that steel wool is as good as 1000 grit. What I would do if I was short on products is go gradually up to the highest grit you can find and then hit it with either steel wool or scotchbrite to help remove minor burs and imperfections. As for a metal polish I am quite partial to Brasso (prolly due to the Corps.) and then use a soft cloth to buff it up after polishing. Shoot patrickcondon (SP?) a PM I know he satins and polishes yoyos so he might be able to give you some good insight :smiley:

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You don’t really need to go up to 2200. In my experience, anything over 1000 doesn’t yeild noticible results. Just go up to 1000 and you should be fine.


Me and my friend used steel wool and it came out pretty shiny.

Well if you want it satined then stay away from the finer grits. Satining is making it rough for grinding or visual effects. If you don’t grind and want to polish then Yes 0000 steel wool is better than 1000 grit paper. I sand at 1000 then steel wool it then polish. 2200 grit however if finer. If you want to polish it then you need to use a step sanding process. keep changing to a higher grit till you get to 200 or 0000 steel wool. For polish I use Never Dull.

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I finish my satins with scotch brite, it works really well (the green side or the sponge)

Not sure if the difference is visible via camera or not but I managed to pick up a sampler pack of sandpaper that had 220, 500, 1000 and 1200. And I really couldn’t notice much of a difference between 1k and 1200. I’m not totally finished sanding but for the most part I have it how I would like it. I’m still looking to polish the rims and get it nice and shiny :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody for the help/input, it’s much appreciated :smiley:

Now Icthus, if satining is roughing it up, then what would this be considered? Just a general sand n’ shine? Or is there a specific yoyo term? ???

coming along good my friend.

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