Do you think this would look good?

Do you think it would look good if I only satined the rims of this:

Even though it is splash?

BTW, It’s a Bgrade, Dv888, purple with blue splash.

please fix or repost link it isnt complete

i have that one um maybe it would but then again it might mess it up

EDIT:btw i fixed the pic :stuck_out_tongue:

Noway man. Why would you only satin one rim? The spash looks sweet as. If you want we can trade, I will send you my poilsihed rim dv888 for the b grade

Of course it would… As well as its done well, (thats a weird sentance…) all DV8s look great with the DV888 satin… But at the same time your gonna loose the stamp which would take away the B-Grade charm

He prolly just wants to get rid of the B-grade stamp

I think it would take away from the nice seamless hub-to-rim splash design. I would leave it how it is.

So would I. They don’t make splash Dv888’s anymore and I would just leave it the way it is too. The splash looks nice.

Actually, it’s more because of all the scratches and dings. If i could just remove the dings without sating, then i would.

Dings give character ;D