Yomega Maverick Gold Splash Paint

Hey guys, I own this Maverick:

I let a friend throw it and it ended up kissing the concrete D:

There is a slight chip on the paintwork on one side, very minor. What paint (exact shade) should I use to fix this? Can I use metal paint-marker pens or anything like that?

Because of the location of the chip I can either go with the blue or the gold but I don’t know the shade to buy or from where…


~ Dark

I have a Maverick that same exact color! It was my first unresponsive yoyo, so of course mine is covered in little pinpricks and scratches. I honestly feel like dings and such add character to a yoyo, and I know many agree! A yoyo that’s a little beat just shows that it’s well loved and used well. Now I don’t go around purposely scratching up my yoyos, but I try not to worry too much when it happens. I can guarantee you that won’t be the last scratch you’ll get on a yoyo!

However, if you are determined to cover it up, I wouldn’t recommend trying to paint it. Personally, I would just use Sharpy markers or something. As for the shade, just get a couple of gold and blue ones that look close and test them on paper first

that isnt paint… its anodizing and buying paint and covering it wont help a thing… also sharpie markers dont work that well on metal.

i would suggest if its really bothering you finding someone who can sand and reano it for you.

that would most likely cost about 30 bucks.

the other option is to give your friend that one and buy a new one if it really bugs you that bad.

They use Sharpies when they mark yoyos as prototypes don’t they? And that usually seems to last quite a while, though I’m sure it will rub off eventually

They usually put those marks ina place that doesnt get a whole lot of where… the rim of a yoyo gets quite a bit of handling.

Live with it :smiley: Beat yo-yos are 10x better than mint yo-yos IMO, showing how enjoyed they are.

Each mark tells a story.

You’ll be able to look back and remember that day your yoyo was no longer perfect, but loved. :slight_smile:

You know what? You guys are right. It does adda lot of character to the yoyo.

It’s not that big of a deal. I guess I was just thinking ofyoyos like any other object I own, and trying to keep them perfect. But that’s not really what yoyo is about

Yeah awhile back I had this pretty much mint General-Yo Amplitude, 1 of 1.

I let a young kid I help with piano one day walk the dog with it; he was happy and so was I.

There are little nicks all along the rims now that’ll cause me to remember the day I let him have fun walking the dog.

the first ding is always sad though… i remember the first ding i put on my brand new genesis… i was carrying books and it was on top of them… it slid off right in front of my face… thats was a sad day. Now it has tons of little pock marks from the life it has lived with me.

Also my first yoyo a yomega dash i used to walk the dog and have all kids of fun with it. To this date it is still the smoothest yoyo i own.

Just sand it flat if it feels rough or sharp, otherwise just let it be.