Scratch Repair

I got a small scuff on my black yomega maverick. I lightly smoothed out the area of the scuff but the silver scar is driving me crazy. I have tried 3 different methods already for repairing the scuff. I used a black acrylic paint, black enamel paint, and super permanent industrial sharpie. All 3 methods looked great once applied, but after 10 minutes of play the coloring just wipes away. I let the yoyo dry over night all 3 times but still no luck.

Does anyone have a paint recommendation that will not rub away with time?

Here is a picture of the scratch on the yoyo and the 3 methods of coloration…
Citadel Black Acrylic, Model Masters Black Enamel, & Sharpie Industrial.

Thanks for your help :wink:

Best advice is to get used to dings because they will happen A LOT in the future.

There really is no good way to get rid of them.


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Make sure the scratch area is super clean, well degreased. You may want to try some Krylon or otc spray. Spray some in a disposable paper cup and then lightly dab the scratch with the paint.

Will it stay? Longer than others but will need to be touched up eventually. Clean clean clean the scratch most important.

Aha. I just wiped it down before painting. I will try thoroughly cleaning the yoyo before painting next time. If it doesnt work I will just give up. The maverick is no longer my main throw so im not super stressed about it.

Use a nail file and sand down the ding a little to the point where it won’t hurt anymore. The metal ones on nail clippers. Then, use a sharpie if you really want to cover it up. I wouldn’t, as I don’t mind dings, but it’s your choice.

embrace the dings.