Removing scuff marks?

If you ding a yoyo, is there any way to get the scuff mark off? Or is it there for good? :-\

if its a metal or plastic u can satin it that usually does the trick but if u want it on a metal where u cant see it go to a professional anodiser

why would you want to get rid of them? They add class imo. If I ding a yoyo, I kinda like it because it’s unique to me only :wink:

I suppose thats true ;D

Sharpies of the appropriate color will help hide them bug they are there for good.

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Automotive paint.

Not really, you can tell the difference. Now unless your painting the whole thing, but thats no fun. If it’s a scuff like hitting plastic and the paint comes off onto your metal. Alcohol can rub it off, but as previously stated a nice ding is their for life.

how about filling the scuff with superglue or expoxy and then polishing? :slight_smile:

In theory, some kind of metal filler could work…

Most times for dings and scratches what I see recommended is rubbing or sanding it down to smooth it out with a metal spoon, denim, things like that.

It is easier to smooth around the scratch or ding than it is to glue extra material on to cover it up. I guess with cars this is somewhat easier since you fill a dent with filler material, then that always gets covered with primer and paint. Metal anodization on yoyos is a whole different ballgame!

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How would you smooth this one?
It seems to be pretty deep.


also how much would you ask for a clyw yoyo with such defect?

If you don’t want to sand it down, you can “burnish” it with a hard, smooth piece of metal. Back of a spoon would do. That should smooth out the sharp parts without removing metal. Sturdy / tough denim is also frequently recommended.

You probably want to do this one by hand. I like a very fine sanding sponge for this application - it handles curved surfaces better. You can also heal some dings with a soft mallet, like a nylon jeweler’s mallet, coupled with some sanding.