Metal filler


I just recently bought a dv888 and it was BEAT TO HECK the pits are deep and I have taken all the anno of and I want to mirror polish it does any one know of a metal filler that will work

Removing scuff marks?

Lab Metal available at

Two versions low temp and high temp, you’ll need low obviously.

Not sure how well it’s gonna shine up after application have not tried it yet. There are many other brands as well.

Make sure the pits are very very clean prior to application.


Will Home Depot carry it?


I highly doubt HD will carry it. Automotive stores may have a variation of it like NAPA. Be careful of what you get though the product I mentioned above is a true dedicated filler so it will work. Some of the stuff hanging on the shelves may be less than adequate.


Ok thanks will a powder coat cover the pits up?


Yes but you will still see the dents under the pc.


So, if you intend to have it powder coated something like JBweld would be the thing to use to fill the dings.


Any filler that is going on a yoyo intended for powder coating must be rated to at least 400 degrees. That’s why the Lab Metal in high temp formula is preferred. This is only in a powder coat situation.


Could I use amalgam like a dentist uses I know like 10 dentists that would let me


I know nothing about that.


It’s a metal filling that dentists use to fill teeth and it hardens


Thanks for clarifying that.