Dented DMII rims

So my DMII rims got dented, and i got one sorta big scratch/dent. I was wondering if i could use metal filler (like that stuff that billy maze does(did :’() a commercial for). Its a clear filler thing that sorta makes the scratches disappear. I don’t want to sand it cause i could mess up the yoyo, and i don’t want to do that because $40 to me is a lot of money.

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I wouldn’t worry about dents in a yoyo. It’s natural. All the fillers do is add more mass onto the yoyo (unevenly if I may add). So I wouldn’t recommend adding fillers. I would just let the dents/scratches be.


Let them build up over time(dents and scratches) and then someone that satins could do it for you. It will look brandnew

if they are satined, wouldn’t that make the yoyo weigh less. Also, how much does that cost? Could they only satin the rings but not the plastic?
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How would filler mess up the weight? The dent already made the yoyo a little (like less than .05 grams) uneven, how would filler make it more uneven. Is filler heavier than the metal the rims are made of? I wanted to put it in because it sorta slows down handgrinds and it feels weird to do them.

It would maybe take off .2 grams at the most.

I wouldn’t satin them right now. Just wait a bit. If it really bothers you, you can get it done, though.


This is for jhb8426 because i cant show pics in a personal message
The dent looks small but it really slows down hand/arm grinds because the edges of the dent are sticking out. I don’t think i need it satined, i just think i could use some fine sandpaper (because im only shaving off about 0.01 grams) to shave of the edges and then maybe leave/fill the rest. To satin it off would be hard because it is small but about 2 millimeters deep. Anyways would polishing fill the small scratches, or do you just put it in like a polish then dry all it off. Again, i dont think filling it will mess it up too much.

omg taking sand paper to it is satining send it to somebody to get it done and no they dont have to get it all the way down a satin (at least to me) makes the dings less noticeable and it makes it like new again. dont do grinds if it bothers u.

Oh a happier note… just sand it so the edges are smooth instead of sharp. Sharp=pain, smooth=love? :smiley:

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In a case like that I would just take some fine wet/dry sand paper (wet) and smooth out the edges just to take the sharpness off like Batryn says.

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I took out a tiny little scratch and now my yoyo is vibing to the point where it turns without me touching it… and i mean smaller than his scratch

Well, my philosophy is if it spins alright, don’t mess with it because it might get worse. If the ding really irks you because of grinding, I would send it out to be smoothed out. I wouldn’t risk doing it yourself if you don’t know how to. Please note, if you sand one side down, you need to sand the other to balance to yoyo.

To 1slave25, the situation above might be your problem.

Hope this helps!

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It shouldn’t do that… are you sure the bearing/axle isn’t messed up? None of my dings ever effected my smoothness…


could i lightly sand the edges of the scratch?
I mean the part that sticks out.

that worked

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vibe is back… could it be because there is a bit of a gap between the plastic and metal? how do I fix it?

I’ll do it for $3. It’s not hard. I’ve satined my friend’s Dark Magic, and it didn’t affect it negatively in any way. All it did was make it shiny and smooth.

forget the DMII im on a Dv888 kick ;D