Dings and Scratches

Okay, my DM has had its share of bumps and drops. It has a whole lot of scratches and dings on its metal rims. It wasn’t a problem at first, but it got worse over time. Now, whenever I accidentally hit the yo-yo with my arm or hand, I get scratches! And it’s even worse when grinding.

Does anyone have a good solution for the dings and scratches(the DM, not me)? I’m planning to sand down the rims a bit, but I need a good way to even out the weight. Any suggestions?

Just make sure to sand the same amount on each side.

Yes, you should sand out the dings/ scratches to make it smooth. I did it the same thing to my project and it works, so when I grind my project, it’s smooth for now. I think it is a good way to sand out the dings/ scratches.

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Just do it evenly and you’ll be fine.

I use a small jeweler’s file, and file down the jagged edges that are protruding (vs. sanding down the whole thing). If you’re only taking off a tiny burr or two, the change in weight will be insignificant.

If you have two pieces of sand paper or just one long piece that will reach to both rims, just do that.

Ouch! Like the PGM V1.0! :o

Polish it, or sand it.

Polishing the yoyo is for shinning the yoyo.

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Here is my formulation to make it shinny. 1. sand down all the dings/scratches with a nail file.2. Get some super fine sand paper(can be bought at any hardware store) and sand it down to where you can see it has a finer sanding to it. 3. Get steel wool and rub it down with that. That should make it shine a bit. 4. Now if you have any “never dull” (can be bought at a hardware store) witch is a metal polish, rub it down with that. and step 5. get a cloth (like a hand towel) and put some brasso (again, can be bought at a hardware store) on it and rub down the rims to get the best shine that I have ever gotten. It will be like a mirror after all that. Here are some pic of the stuff you will need.

Step one. Nail file.

Step two. Sand paper.

Step three. Steel wool.

Step fore. Never dull.

Step five. Brasso.

Use all those in that order and you will get a mirror shine. Later.

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One thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet is the easiest method to do this; Thr drill. Hook the yoyo onto a drill and then let the drill and sandpaper do the work. Don’t apply pressure, just let the sandpaper touch the spinning yoyo. Do short sessions and step up to a finer grit after every session. In the end you can polish (never dull and brasso) it to give it a nice shine

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