the worst nick ever

is there any possible way to fix this. I was playing outside and It hit the ground full force after It fell of fthe string. It’s so deep it affects the play

Yeah, that’s a bad ding, but there really isn’t a way to fix it (at least to my knowledge) unless you sand the rims down equally on each side to even the weight out.

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This is the only thing I can think to do as well. It would play slightly differently though, since you’re completely changing the weight and weight distribution.

The question you should ask yourself is: Would you rather play it with a ding or sand it down and enjoy it like that?

Since it already affects the play according to mgold123, I personally would try and sand it down. Rather have it a little different than some metal shards smacking against your hand when you bind a non-balanced yoyo. Who knows, maybe it’ll play better towards his preferences.

It’s all up to mgold though. Hope this helps you out bud. :slight_smile:

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Does it really affect the play, or just your impression of it due to your disappointment? If it were me I’d take a bit of 200-300 grit sandpaper, remove the sharp edges around the ding and play on.


You can get it powdercoated too if you’re concerned with the look.

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I was throwing my Gnarwhal in my living room, not really thinking about obstacles. Popped it up too high and the ceiling fan launched it. Poor thing got a massive ding in it.

I too have dinged my shutter pretty badly trying behind the back eli hops. I just sanded it down ans it plays just fine for me. I don’t really see any difference in play with mine. but best of luck to you. Hope it gets all sorted out.

Every time that happens to me I scrape it on the concrete to remove the burr, then play on. If I am at home I use a file, sometimes if it is my Mg I use the backside of my knife to brake off the sharp bit. One of the best things about a Mg throw for 5A is it is brittle, and fairly easy to brake off the sharp bits, unlike aluminum, where it wants to fold down, and not cleanly brake off.

I would sand down like jhb said. If it really affects play, make it your beater and it will eventually return to being smooth.

I just use a metal nail filer. It all works out. Trust me my shutter is pretty banged up. worse than yours.