Need some modder's help. Polishing out pinpricks?

So after looking for a long time, I got this undercut yoyo. I really enjoyed its aesthetics and such but recently, I had a string break on me, and it got several (luckily minor pieces of damage). Normally I wouldn’t really care, but this isn’t a common yoyo.

My question in this: is it possible to polish this out? I was thinking that maybe I could polish the damage out, then get the yoyo re-annodized.

Is there someone here that has experience with this? What do you think?


I would just live with it and use it as a memory device to never do that again. Plus if your throws don’t have ding’s then your not trying hard enough. Jmtc.


Yeah I can understand that. But I do like to try and keep my yoyos undamaged. My first high performance yoyo is still undamaged, because I’ve mainly used it over carpet. And I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve put in on it. I learned my first speed, horizontal, slacks and tech all on that one yoyo over 5 years ago. Still no dings.


All the more reason to have at least one dinged throw. Everyone’s got one or two or several. I hadn’t even owned my first cold fusion 24 hours and I dinged it good and deep. A three gouge ding. Only looks ugly didn’t affect play what so ever. Good luck to you however you proceed.


Thank you man! Oof, I’m sorry about your cold fusion.
Yeah, I have some yoyos that I take out over concrete and don’t really care about the damage, just about there performance. But some, I like to keep for the aesthetics, which is why I was hoping to polish out the damage on this one.

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Aiyiyi. That kind of thing is like a gut punch. I feel bad for you.

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Those marks won’t polish out, neither will a light sanding work. The ding on the rim could be fixed fairly well with a black magic marker. Or a small dob of back paint if it is more like a chip. The mark in the white section looks like it chipped out a bit. A dab of off white model paint may do the trick. I wouldn’t go so far as a total refinish.

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I took some birch wood Casey’s aluminum black and put it on the nicks.
It doesn’t remove them, just turns the aluminum black, and makes them harder to see!

Some before and after pics!


I haven’t heard of that before, but it does make a difference for sure!

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It’s an acid that blackens aluminum. It’s super simple to use, just put some on a qtip and rub it until it turns black. Lol

I use it to touch up scratches on guns, but it will work on any aluminum, including yo-yos!

I dont even notice the nicks on those two anymore. You really have to look for them now.