Please Help

Yesterday my Superstar unscrewed itself and fell on the floor and u can so a part of the aluminum and I was thinking of shaving the paint off and leaving it aluminum on the outer part and then on where it says Yoyofactory and Superstar leave that part red any advice on what I should do?

I’m gonna leave the modding info to Ichtus and Evan and others.

Just a few tips when playing with fixed gap, anodized yoyos

When you screw it all the way, thats not good enough. Give it just a little more, so that is doesn’t unscrew so easily, and that it takes some effort to unscrew it.

Don’t grind when sweating or in a humid environment. This will make the anno more grabby, and potentially unscrew itself.

Can’t help you sorry.

Firstly, it isn’t paint, it’s anodization, but whatever.

Second, no, don’t do that. You have a ding, it happens to everyone. Shaving off the anodization on the yoyo because of a ding would be very time consuming and not worthwhile. Moreover, it would make grinding more difficult, because the raw surface of the aluminum doesn’t grind as well as an anodized one. As long as the yoyo still plays fine, it is not something to worry about.

Thanks for your help X i really a appreciate it

This wis what I do when I get a stratch/nick/ding:

  • Look at it and see how deep it goes
  • See if it affects grinding
  • If it affects grinding, I sand it down a bit so it still grinds like normal
  • Don’t care about it anymore

Removing too much anno will cause you to have a nasty vibe if done wrong. Its too easy to do it wrong. I say play with it because that’s not gonna be the last ding your yoyo gets.

i say, dont worry about dings, scratches, nicks, etc… unless its a collectors item and you plan on never throwing the yo or opening the package, who cares about dings. as long as it spins, its perfect. You should see my dm, you would think its the LE Scratched DarkMagic, it was my second yoyo, not if you cant 10 years ago, so it has some learning dings and scratches…

i think that you should only worry about it if it affects your play if not then dont fret
there will be more yoyos

I seem to get a ding on my new yoyos with in 2 weeks. If your playing alot it just happens one way or the other. I personally feel it adds charater to the yoyo. LIke lil scars all with lil yoyo stories behind them. I have yet to ding any bad enuff that it really effected the play of the yoyo. Just pick it up have your lil grrr fit. Then think of a cool story about how the ding happens so you can tell your freinds. SOmething like i throw this wicked breakaway only to watch my 130 dollar yoyo go flying across the park and ding off the only rock in the whole area. wow how lucky i was that it didnt fly into the gopher hole a few inches away. Hmm imagine if it did… and you saw the gopher a week later throwing tricks better than you ever did?? That would be funnny te he.

ANy ways dings are a part of a true players life. Get used to them tHey really arn’t that bad.

I think I’ve dinged all of my new yo’s the first day. ;D

Dings don’t bother me, but when a ding causes a vibe, I get angry.

like they all said.
i was so angry when i first dropped my brand new dark magic and dinged it after being so careful. then i realized after a day or two of sadness, that it still plays the same. i would just leave it and just enjoy the it.
yoyos are a lot more fun when you are not worrying about only plaiying over grass or carpet. :smiley:

I don’t care about dings. If they are to bad, I sand them out on a drill. That is only if it is basically covered in them.

Thanks U guys who replied it really helped and i appreciate it thats y i love this website everyone is kind thanks u guys