Shiny Rims on yoyo help?

I’ve seen people say they have a yoyo with sanded down polished rims that are now shiny.I need to know how to do it for my rims on my DM2.They look used and it has a couple dings.Can any body help me?

There are guides in the “Modifications and Maintenance” sticky, but what it boils down to is progressively finer abrasives (wouldn’t go any coarser than 600 as the first one) all the way to polishing compound. I can’t remember what the guide says, but I would go 600 - 1000 for wet/dry sandpaper, then jeweller’s rouge.

With enough care, you could probably simultaneously make the transition to the plastic even more seamless. Or mask it off.

Since DM2 is already raw.

Do this. For the dings, 1000 or even 600…

Then just use 2,000 for the while thing. And use some polish.

It requires a buffing wheel for pure mirror unless you can find another way…

Just use some metal polish. It shouldn’t affect the plastic.

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Actually, do this:If you have some rough nicks or gashes that have sharp edges or stick out from the suface of the metal, use a rougher paper such as 320 to smooth that out and unsharpen edges. Wet sand with 2000 (remeber to mask the plastic or you’ll scratch the plastic, and use a polishing coumpound (not wax), maybe with a dremel and a felt tip to buff the scratches out and mnake the metal shiny. You can do it by hand, just remember to switch area on your rag often.

I need to apologize in advance. I don’t mean to derail this thread or disrespect you but aren’t you the one who wants people to send yoyos to get “fixed” by you? This is a very simple process in comparison to what you claim to be able to do.


Yeah your right!

Axle strip repair-$5
Sand down dings-$3
Get rid of some vibe-$3
Fill in cracks on plastic yoyos-$3
Give your scratched up yoyo a smooth finish-$2

How can you offer services that you have to ask advice about? how professional

We all have to learn somehow. Asking works best.

However, I am in agreement: There’s no point in offering a service if you don’t know how to do it.

My services are simple:
I’ll clean bearings and Dry Play treat. FREE.
I’ll also silicone yoyos that are compatible. FREE.

I honestly don’t intend to offer anything better than that. Plus, since you gotta know me or be close to me to get services(or at a meet or contest I am going to and will have time), it’s too limiting.

I don’t mind yoyos showing a little “character”.

He obviously is very young. And hasn’t done much research on the yoyo.

It used to say-

I will strip your axle for $#

If you are gonna say something about my post make sure it is right.And I know how yo get rid of dings thank you very much.I just wanted to know how to polish them.

You cant polish dings :-\

I beg to differ.

Agreed, although it depends on the severity of the ding.

It was a joke lol.

You can sand dings and polish the rims, but not a ding lol.

Why not? It’s easy to polish a ding. I’ve done it a couple times.

No doubt, Greg is right, I think as someone who works in finishing and paint I know that you can polish and buff out dings, dents, scratches, pinholes, do you need more examples? I get that you are trying to show that you are knowledgeable and all, but…

Half of my job is painting vehicles (trains, planes, and sometimes automobiles), and the other half is making blemishes and marks on surfaces dissapear befor and after paint.

Yes, i know you can polish and buff out dings. I paint and polish all the time.

But i was sort playing as in you cant just polish the scratch. Of course you could but its sorta pointless to just polish the “ding.”


It’s not pointless. Dings and deeper scratches tend to be kind of rough. Polishing does more than make something shine, it’ll tame rough edges as well. Polishing dings and scratches is one of the best things you can do for the comfort-level of a beater. :wink:

And just so that we’re on the same page, I’m not saying to remove or overtly minimize the dings with abrasives. I’m saying just polishing over them so that they’re still basically the same size, etc., is still a wortwhile thing to do IF they are uncomfortable or the appearance of the yoyo would benefit from it somehow.

Im just going to respectfully bow out. See ya 'round.

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