yyj dm2 dings


hey guys i was playing with my dm2 today and somehow i noticed a few scratches in the rims. I’m not pointing any fingers, (little brother >:( ) but i was thinking about sanding the rims either way. the scratches, and just the overall feel of the polished rims are really bad for grinding. is it really necessary to use a lathe or drill, or can i just sand the rims by hand? will it make THAT much of a difference like insane amounts of vibe or wobble? just an idea, i probably won’t bother doing anything to it unless some convinces me it will work.


Yeah, it could cause vibe. it wont be INSANE but it will be some.

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No, polishing by hand will not cause any noticeable vibe. If you use a drill, Drill Press or a lathe, you have the benefit of being able to take off more material in a shorter amount of time. I haven’t polished except on a drill press, but it takes me 1/2 hour per side.


Time for me wont be an issue. I just wanna know if it will work.


I JUST did it. I used 150 grit sandpaper and just rubbed lightly for a while then went to rubbing hard. I did the metal first, then the plastic. The dings are completely gone, and so is the vibe. It grinds sooooo amazing now. Better than any other plastic I have. I’m really satisfied with the results, and it’s kinda making me wanna do the same to the rims on my 888x. Hehehe. JK I would never risk damaging any yoyo other than my dm2.

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I take it you satined it?


Somewhat. I did it by hand though

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Are pics really necessary? I bet you’ve seen a satined yoyo. And to the op, the yoyo would grind much better with a spiral satin.


I sanded it in a circle around the yoyo. The lines run as if I held it spinning on a drill and held sandpaper to it.


Pics aren’t necessary. But, I like to see pics of other people’s work.

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Same here.


pics or it didnt happen


Im not in possesion of my camera right now. I may post some on tuesday